Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Flammpanzer 38, Finished

After what seemed like forever, the vignette is completed. On the whole this was a challenging and enjoyable project to paint. The Hetzer was originally part of a group build that ran last year over at Mig forum. For some reason I'm attracted to wrecked vehicles, this gave me the perfect opportunity to exercise painting skills and diorama making. One of the hardest challenges I had was how to best capture the feel and look I was aiming for from a WW2 photo in Italy. Planning and composing the scene was essential for the scene to work, just as much as the painting and finishing of the vehicle. The possibilities in building wrecks are huge - in terms of representation of battle damage, as well as the painting techniques that can be used. Modelling and painting a wrecked vehicle was a new experience for me and a rewarding one at that. Of course I had helpful feedback from some modelling friends in the course of the project. Sven Frisch, Radek Pituch and others, Thank you.