Sunday, September 14, 2008

Flammpanzer 38 - painting update

After several tweaks on the burnt and rust areas, painting is almost done. I struggled with the painting at times but when it came through I was quite happy with the results. After my discussion with Sven Frisch (Migs forum), I re-worked areas on the front glacis, increasing the burnt areas for a more smoky and sooty look. Left side of the vehicle received some traces of green base color, not much but to show the entire left amrour totally burnt. Lower hull and running gear got some amendments. The right side received some burnt effects as well to show the effects of the fire that didn't burncompletely leaving some of the camouflage behind. Ashes are a mixture of pastels powders.

Thanks to Sven for the advice and guidance pertaining to the painting/weathering discussion! You drew some points and thoughts through the process on the finishing effects.

There are still some areas that need work to tie in with the groundwork after the model is placed in the scene. Now on to the vignette.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Crusader III - Finished

Built straight from the box. I went for a heavily weathered finish although I would have prefered a more balanced, subtle finish. Not the best photos but these photos will do for now. Thanks for looking.