Friday, June 13, 2008

Crusader Mk.3 - (work in progress)

Bitten by the bug. I started another 1/48 model between my main builds, this time a British Crusader.

Winter Steel

Here's something I knocked out quickly between my main builds, tamiya's 1/48 KV-I. The finished piece took me two weeks (fastest build for me at least). A thing that bugged me was the glossy white paint as a result of the gloss coat it received prior to weathering. For some reason, I didn't apply a flatcoat to kill that gloss! Photos didn't turned out well as my camera was lacking. I got caught up in completing it for my brother, I didn't take any work in progress shots. My take on quarter scale? It was a pleasure to build. Fast and easy. I had my doubts about 1/48 but now I'm adding them to my 1/35 scale builds!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

T-34/85, Prague 1945

Here are some photos of a T-34/85 I did sometime back, it got shelfed for a while and have not touched since. Not finished yet, still some painting left to do. This model was my first built in years after being abscent from modelling for a while. The T-34/85 represents a tank from the 3rd Guards Armored Corps in Prague 1945. Paintwork and finishing are the main emphasis of the build. The wear on the turret is painted to depict a heavily used vehicle that has survied towards the end of the war. I got feedback that some people found the wear on the turret to be exccesive; I may have gone a bit overboard nonetheless it was a paint effect that I sought out to achieve and IMO quite successful. Another area of weathering I was quite happy about was the way the mud turned out. The intention was to create damp mud which looked better in photos compared to viewing it live!

Enough talk. Here're the photos.